Thursday, January 6, 2011

My First Blog.

Welcome to my blog. Well I recently been feeling like I need to get out there a little more. I seen my cousin always sending out emails about her blog on blog spot.  I loved getting those emails because I would get a nice update on how the family is doing back west. I guess I had this crazy idea that people would actually wanna read a blog by me. I started this page so family, friends, and fans can check out new music, song ideas, pictures so maybe everyone can feel just a little closer to me. Now with all that being said, I guess I should get started...

So its the beginning of January and I'm working the night shift. I went to visit family out west and I'm feeling really weird after the long time Ive had off for the holidays. Its kinda lonely with everyone doing their normal thing,  cause I'm never up at the same times as them. Feeling cut off from the world, I figured that I would just try to refocus my attention on music. So I been working on new songs and beat ideas. I think I have really stepped out and opened my mind up to more music possibilities besides Rap/Hip-Hop. I have recently been working on a techno/euro club love song where I'm singing the whole song. Now this is something that I'm not really comfortable doing considering I have no voice. I then think in my head that it still should not prevent me from writing songs and mastering my craft. Of course I want to be as marketable as I can. So I sing the song and it don't sound bad but lets just say it ain't no Trey Songz or nothing. So I press on and make more music. I come up with more ideas. Totally different sound. I then think to myself should I come up with more singing songs? Or am I just wasting time due to the fact that I would basically be making a new 808 and heartbreaks with all the auto-tune going on (as hard as I try to hide it). The only solution of course would be to find a singer. I don't know if its how I write songs or what but with the auditions we have had, it hasn't been pretty. Moving on, I'm feeling really down about it (That and due to other personal issues). I tried cheering myself up by watching Back to the Future a couples times, and seemed to work for the time. I then tried to focus back on the music. I spend all kinds of time on a new idea an then in the end don't even know if I like it. Like it may have been a complete waste of time. At this point I'm feeling real discouraged. Thats basically where I leave ya'll tonight. Below I'm going to list the links to the Song of me singing and the new beat. Hopefully I can get some feedback under the comments. Ill see whats up with the blog tomorrow.  -Amazing (Euro Beat)  -New Beat Idea

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